Hey you! Big thanks for taking the time to find out more about us. That Vintage Caravan is a quirky Sydney based vintage caravan bar that believes in having a good time while doing what we love AND it is no secret – we do LOVE what we do!


In 2014 Sarah and Alex embarked on their biggest adventure yet (well, not including the time their sleep was disturbed by a zombie-like figure shaking their tent, leading them on a crazed and rainy midnight drive back towards civilisation until, inevitably, they found themselves bogged and had to spend the rest of the night waiting for rescue, huddled together with their eyes covered, singing Mariah Carey. But that’s a story you’ll have to ask them about). This adventure was the purchase of the handsome man-van, Spencer, and life has been a whirlwind ever since!

Spencer was earmarked for a leading role at Sarah and Alex’s wedding reception in April 2015. The only problem was that he was up for sale and nobody knew where he would end up. Queensland? South Australia? Everyone wanted a piece of him and the newly engaged couple could only watch on with angst and dismay, knowing full well there would be no Spencer at the wedding if he was kidnapped and taken interstate. Being the strong headed, bold and independently driven woman that she is, Sarah decided that the wedding was off… until saner heads prevailed and our new heroines purchased Spencer instead! Hoorahhh!

Now the couple spends time planning for their next big event or idea and arguing over interior design details (Sarah wins). As for Spencer, he loves his new life in Wollongong. The beach has given him a new zest for life and the verve to party. I guess you could say this was a happy ending, but we are nowhere near the end, no, this is just the beginning. If you are to know anything about Sarah and Alex it is that they never settle for second best and are always pushing for bigger and better things. Stay tuned my friends, stay firmly tuned.


That vintage caravan set up

Spencer is our vintage inspired mobile pop- up bar. Named after the fabulous Charlie Chaplin (whose was otherwise known as Sir Charles Spencer). Like his namesake, Spencer is a true showman, the life of the party and just loves to entertain.

Built especially for us by Woody Caravans, Spencer can be used to serve bubbles, beer, soda, cider… or any type of refreshments at weddings, receptions, man showers, (like a baby shower except for the boys), engagement parties and special celebrations. Spencer is delivered to your venue and comes chaperoned by bar staff so that the day is easy, stress free and outrageously enjoyable.

If you are looking to host an event with a twist check out our packages.. We’re based in Sydney and are on wheels so can bring our vintage love (and style) to you at any time and place – just ask!